Designed to send large files (limit of 2GB per file) that might be larger than the attachment limit to work over regular email

  1. Upload your file.
  2. Your recipients will be emailed a link to download the file.

Warning: Usage of this tool is governed by the I.T.S. Acceptable Use Policy. ( e.g. Do not upload illegal files! )
  • How quickly must the file be retrieved?
    Recipients will have one week to download the files.

  • Will anyone be able to download my file?
    Files can only be retrieved via an email link which authenticates recipients to retrieve the file.

  • What security is in place?
    This service is encrypted through secure-HTTP and provides more security than most email.

  • What about viruses?
    You should not download a file from anywhere unless:
    (1) You have requested or you were expecting files, AND
    (2) You are running up-to-date Antivirus software.
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